I don’t know what this says about me, but I absolutely *dread* questions like, “What is your favorite color?” “Favorite TV Show?” or “Favorite time of day?” I don’t know why (and any psychologist and/or self helpers out there are FREE to answer this puzzling question), but I can’t commit to answering these kind of questions. Probably for the same reason why I couldn’t settle on any *one* answer on a stupid scantron test in middle/high school. I think I always felt this odd sense of uncertainty with having to pick just one thing to get excited about.

That being said (and again, I have no idea why I give all of you this much information in my posts, but I guess that’s something to diagnose unto itself), it THRILLS me to be able to settle on one thing that I know for sure: FALL is my favorite season. I know this like I know how much I enjoy bacon in my mouth.

And no, it isn’t because of football. Lord knows it isn’t because of football.

Fall is exciting because it forces me to settle down a bit and cover up my upper arms by wearing quarter-length sleeves (v-i-c-t-o-r-y). Fall also serves as a transition time for my energy level –a forced cool-down for my flooded engine. But… what’s a local food-sourcing girl to do when the farmers markets start closing right around the time I’m forced to transition my way through the seasons? There’s a bit of a depression that sinks in knowing that gourds, butternut squash, leafy greens, collards, turnips, root veggies, and more won’t get their turn in the spotlight. I mean, seriously. What’s a rutabaga to do?

Thankfully, my friends at Pepper Place Saturday Market continue to answer the call by extending their season. Hallelujah! Now, I know it won’t be easy. After all, there’s tailgating and crazy football stuff happening every Saturday. And then there’s fall festivals, apple bobs, and whatever else people do on Fall weekends. So here I am asking each of you to make a commitment to venture down to Pepper Place Saturday Market this Fall Season to prove that we, “ a football-driven community,” can multitask on Saturdays. The truth is, I’d hate to see this opportunity pass us by and it’s up to all of us to make sure it succeeds. Plus, what better place to buy handmade gifts for the holiday season? You get my point…

Pepper Place Saturday Market
April 13-December 14, 2013
Every Saturday (rain or shine)
7:00 until 12 Noon

Happy Fall, everybody!