Folks, please forgive me as I didn’t write ANYTHING down as I made this super quick and easy dish. That being said, perhaps it will give you some inspiration as you head into next week. Here’s what I did:

I took 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts and diced them into small chunks
I liberally added salt and pepper to the diced raw chicken
Then I added a little olive oil (2 tablespoons) and 1 tablespoon of butter to an iron skillet (medium-high)
I waited until the butter/olive oil sizzled and then added my diced chicken to the pan in batches so they wouldn’t crowd the pan.
I cooked for 5-7 minutes until chicken was done and had a good sear on the outside ( I cooked mine a little too long because my 14 month old knocked over a glass in the living room, but whatever. You will probably watch yours a little closer than I did)
Be sure to remove the chicken from the pan to a plate and let it rest. Once you are done with the chicken, let’s move onto the sauce.

If you did the chicken right (and I mean who can go wrong with THOSE directions listed above?), then your iron skillet should probably have some yummy crispy bits stuck to the bottom. That is FANTASTIC!Go to the refrigerator and look for some leftover white wine (don’t have any? well, you are on your own)
Add about 1 cup of white wine to the bottom of the pan and scrape up the browned bits and let it reduce for a few minutes
Then add some chicken stock (like maybe a cup or so)
Then add lots of fresh spinach (I added maybe 3 or 4 large handfuls)
Let the spinach wilt/cook in the sauce, add salt and pepper to taste, and then I threw in some leftover sweet peas (I’m sure you can toss in some frozen ones if you have them)
Stir together, test for seasoning, and then add the diced chicken back to the pan
Just cook until the chicken has absorbed some of the sauce and is heated through (like, 5 minutes)

Serve over rice or couscous or in a pita or by itself or whatever you want to do.
You can also add peppers, onions, shallots, or whatever you have on hand while you are cooking the chicken. Be bold. Take this dish where it has never gone before!

And hey, don’t be mad at me if some of the measurements are off, okay? This recipe is only to serve as inspiration. And next time, I’ll be sure to write it all down for you. What am I talking about? My kid is usually causing chaos in the other room, tugging at my leg, or unrolling the 5 toilet paper rolls he found in the bathroom. I’m guessing this might be the best I can do right now. I’m celebrating small victories these days and trying not to commit to things I can’t do, so I hereby delete the third sentence in this paragraph. See? I’m learning…