I intentionally decided to spend a few hours prepping for the week ahead. This never happens. I’m serious. I even wrote a blog post about “trying to keep up” last week (see HERE). —-Pause—- Shall we discuss how many times I said, “trying to keep up?” in that post while we are reminiscing? None of you said anything, but I bet you were thinking it. Sheesh…repetition, anyone?  Clearly, I needed to release some steam/pressure so thanks to all of you for listening, commenting, and ignoring my repetitiveness. —–End Pause—–

Back to today…I got up early (okay, that’s not true. I got up the same time I always get up because my 15-month-old is an alarm clock that never quits).  I did, however, manage to look up some recipes, make my grocery list, and get to the grocery store BEFORE 9 am today. Whizzity WHAT? And my 15-month-old went with me and he didn’t throw anything out of the cart nor did either one of us suffer from a meltdown on aisle 10. My point? Today is rocking my microphone so far.

I came back home and the husband and I tagged team so I could get started on the recipes. My friends, I do not mean to brag because truly I am NOT. I’m simply saying, “CAN Y’ALL BELIEVE I HAVE HOMEMADE MEALS IN MY REFRIGERATOR RIGHT THIS MINUTE? AND CAN Y’ALL BELIEVE I AM ALSO PREPPED FOR THE WEEK??? AND CAN YOU BELIEVE I’M ALSO SITTING HERE WRITING ABOUT IT ON THE SAME DAY IT ALL HAPPENED?” No? Well…me either. Hope all that all caps situation wasn’t too annoying.  Here’s what I made:

  • Barefoot Contessa’s Spanish Pea Soup with Crispy Ham (See the photo above and the recipe HERE). And yes, I even topped the soup with crispy prosciutto and a drizzle of Georgia Olive Farm’s Olive Oil like Ina suggests.
  • Two chicken breasts (Barefoot Contessa-style, of course):  baked and shredded for the Greek salads this week (see recipe HERE)

Who am I and what is happening? Anyway, I’m writing all of this to tell you to do yourselves a favor and make that Spanish Pea Soup. It was unbelievably easy and absolutely DELICIOUS (that emphasis on the word “delicious” is for you, Coulter).

Wishing all of you a very happy week ahead. Pinch me now because I have a feeling I’ll pay for all of this some how, some way later on tonight. Ha.