So many new adventures these days! I started a new job last week at the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama as Director of Community Food Programs and Initiatives. Last week I spent most of the week absorbing the my new reality and am super excited about what is to come. I’m looking forward to telling y’all more about each of the programs and my work in future posts.

Not only am I excited about this new opportunity work-wise, I’m also excited about the change for another reason: LOCATION. You see, the Food Bank is located off of West Valley in Homewood/Birmingham, which means I am surrounded by great restaurants! So in addition to highlighting recipes, Farmers Markets, and the work I do on Food Revival, I’m also planning to take you along on my new lunch adventures.

Friday was my first experimental outing. Now before all of you start hemming and hawing about the fact I’ve never been to Naji’s Pita Gourmet, just hold on one second. Well, whatever. I don’t have an excuse so just try to be kind, mmmmmmk?

Naji’s Pita Gourmet is located at 166 West Valley Ave. Homewood, AL 35209. The owner’s brother happened to be behind the counter when I wandered over to the “order here” sign. He said he’d be glad to walk me through the menu, but offered to tell me about each day’s lunch specials first. SOLD. Folks, I got the most delicious chicken/veggie pita wrap with garlic sauce, pita chips (sorry, couldn’t resist), hummus (extra .50), and a drink for SIX DOLLARS. Now for those of you who know me well, you know that I lost love for garlic during my pregnancy, but I went ahead and tested fate and got the sauce on my wrap. I’m so glad I did. Even though I had dragon breath the rest of the day, the garlic sauce was a great decision.

I plan to go back next Wednesday to get the “Feta Quesadilla” special and will report back. Did I also mention there is a great Mediterranean Grocery Store attached to the restaurant? You can call in an order, dine in, and pick up some groceries. Win. Win. Win.

Thanks in advance for not judging me too harshly for having never been there before. Stay tuned for more updates…

Click HERE for their menu and hope you enjoy as much as I did!