It’s no secret that I travel to Petals from the Past in Jemison, Alabama every year. I especially love their Blackberry Festival. I missed last year’s festival because my kid was seven months old and I just wasn’t feeling the need to be social, adventurous, or HOT with a kid stuck to me. That’s just the truth. But THIS year, you better bet it was on our list. Petals from the Past is one of my most favorite places for many reasons: I have really good memories of gatherings held there when I was a Southern Living Gardens Intern and I’ve had some really great times there with my friends, family, and husband. This time, however, our kid was 18-months old and we were excited to begin making new memories with him. And here’s what happened:

Petals_2_2013We picked LOADS of blackberries and blueberries. Someone who will remain nameless didn’t quite understand that we needed to put the blueberries in the carton rather than in our mouths. Ahem…whooooopsie daisy. We saw tractors, participated in our first hay ride, and even pet some goats. There was a petting zoo, hot dogs and hamburgers, lots of amazing plants, educational classes, and the most delicious blueberries and blackberries you will ever taste.

The best part about Petals from the Past are the people. The minute we saw Jason Powell (owner), he gave us a huge hug and thanked us for coming out each year. He remembered this blog. He remembers and welcomes us every single time, which means so much.

Every summer I make my VERY favorite dessert using Petals from the Past blackberries and blueberries: Barefoot Contessa’s Crostata. It is the perfect summer treat. It looks like this (I know, I know):


You can find the recipe by clicking here: Summer Fruit Crostata. I tend to use blueberries, blackberries, and peaches.

If you missed the Blackberry Festival this year, be sure to mark your calendars NEXT year.

If you are still interested in picking blueberries and blackberries at Petals from the Past, here’s some info: The price is $6.00 per pound. Please call the retail shop to check on availability and price per pound 205-646-0069

Here’s a schedule of events:

  • July 13, 2013, Fig Walking Tour
  • July 27, 2013 Preserving the Harvest

Their hours are Tuesday- Saturday (9 am- 5 pm) and Sunday (1 pm-5 pm). Address is: 16034 County Road 29. Jemison, AL 35085. Phone: 205-646-0069..
And don’t forget that Petals from the Past sell their fruits and jams every Saturday morning at Pepper Place Saturday Market.

Happy Summer to all of you!