Yes, this is another Weight Watchers (WW) post. Apologies in advance if you are already bored with my newfound attempt to regain control of my  indulgent behavior. By indulgent, I really mean “Chip Addiction.” See previous post if this is already confusing for you.

Sundays are my grocery shopping days. I get up bright and early and hit the store around 8 or 9 am. It is a beautiful thing because nobody is ever there. Well, except for the 10 regulars I normally see. It’s like drunk yoga…or something like that. What I’m saying is, I depend on my Sunday morning grocery trips to keep me sane. I don’t know how I got on that tangent, but the real reason I brought this up is because I was absolutely stunned at just how many aisles I didn’t go down this morning. Most of the recipes I picked to make this week required LOTS of veggies, so I spent most of my time in the produce section.

Truth? It took me like an hour (or two) to come up with this week’s menu. That’s a long time.

Okay so I got home with my plan and decided to go ahead and prep the veggies even though I wasn’t planning on making everything today. Here’s how my days usually go: “I need to cut up that celery so I can make that soup.” Next day: “I really need to go ahead and use that parsley before it goes bad.” Next day: “I wonder if that cilantro I bought is still good?” Next day: “How did my celery freeze already?” See, I put off all the prepping and by the time I get home from full time job and picking up the kid and desperately trying to get food on the table…well, chopping celery usually just won’t happen. Then my crisper becomes so full that everything starts to freeze. Then I get mad at myself and then the cycle just goes round and round and round.

So today I had the brilliant idea to prep ALL of the veggies for the week so they wouldn’t go bad. Well, that took like 2 hours. Not kidding. Chop Chop Chop. That was me this morning. Don’t believe me? Here ya go!


I hope it was worth it. I will let you know how it goes later in the week. Nonetheless, here are some really successful recipes I made today.

First up: Skinnytaste’s Zucchini Tots. Think Cauliflower Tots from my previous post, but substitute zucchini and use a muffin pan instead of a cookie sheet. It was super easy and tasty. You can also have FOUR tots and it only costs you 3 points.






IMG_4400 IMG_4411

Then I had this for lunch: Super yummy Butternut Squash Soup courtesy of my thoughtful neighbor and a Veggie Sandwich.


Skip forward a few hours after a walk/jog (my first attempt in running in like 3 years) and this girl was h-u-n-g-r-y. Like, “Hangry,” even.

Thankfully, dinner did not disappoint! I tried Skinnytaste’s Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps (3)with Low Fat Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing (1). Then I added some broccoli with a little reduced fat cheese (1). Total points? FIVE. Super score because I have room for a cocktail and piece of chocolate now.







This is how I felt after chopping and planning and counting today:



Stay tuned for more recipes.  I’m still waiting for Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson to send some help.