It has been so nice to have all of you supporting my new Weight Watchers journey. I’ve never been one for “diets” and especially if it required me to use all of that fake food stuff. I made a decision that IF I were to go on a diet, it had to be one that incorporated recipes, real food, and the like. Now, I understand that many of you will say, “It’s not a diet…it’s a lifestyle change.” Okay, then. You go on and say that if it makes you feel better. For the record, I am totally 100% on a diet. So, when I decided to do Weight Watchers, I was bound and determined to find food blogs that supported my journey. My favorites thus far include:




I surprised myself when I caved on a few ingredients I said I would “never ever ever use” kind of like when I said I would “never ever ever ever turn on the TV” before my kid was born. Yep, some things just kind of go out of the window. So think of the following “tricks” as my own personal “Elmo.” Ain’t no shame anymore:

  • Reduced Fat Cheese: I usually buy Cabot, but aim for the reduced fat (2% usually)
  • Reduced Fat Cream Cheese: There, I said it. I made the switch and I can eat 1/2 a teaspoon more than if it were full-fat.
  • “Light” Bread: This was my biggest sacrifice because I love me some hearty, weigh-a-ton, delicious bread. I use Sara Lee’s 45 calorie bread because I can have TWO slices for a total of TWO points. It helps.
  • Olive Oil Spray: I swore I wouldn’t TOUCH cooking spray. SWORE, I tell you. But then I realized how much “oil” I really use when I cook and had to make the switch.
  • Deli Turkey: I stopped eating a lot of deli turkey when I got pregnant 2+ years ago. Why? Because the books were like, “STAY AWAY FROM DELI TURKEY DUE TO LISTERIA.” Uh, no problem. So then I was like, “I feel a little uncomfortable with the whole deli meat experience.” At the time, I embraced this fact and decided to roast my own turkey breasts and so on and so forth. Then I realized how easy it was to order deli meat and so now I’m eating it again. Go figure. Let’s stop talking about it before I switch back.

Here’s where I won’t cave:

  • Mayonnaise: Always always always use full fat, but I only use 1 teaspoon of it
  • Butter: I will not use the fake stuff. Never ever ever. Give me full-fat butter any ‘ol day. I just cut down the portions and that has helped.
  • Half and Half: I mean, why even use the fat free stuff? I tried it. Needless to say, I’m back to 2 tablespoons of full fat half and half and I’m very happy about it.
  • Real Cheese: I know I said I use 2% earlier and that is correct especially in dinners and such. For sandwiches, I found Sargento’s ULTRA THIN cheese and it’s 1 pt for each full-flavored cheese slice.

So for those of you asking how I spend my points each week, here’s how it usually looks:

First, I tend to stick to my 26-point plan each day and only dip into my weekly points for a cocktail. Why? Well, I need to hold on to my weekly points because I always have cheese dip on Friday nights and I tend to let loose(r) on the weekends. So, here’s my weekly plan:

Breakfast: It is always oatmeal. Just ask my colleagues. I have 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats, 1 teaspoon of butter, 1 tablespoon of sliced almonds, and some cream in my coffee. That’s SEVEN total points for breakfast and it usually carries me through until lunch.

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich. I use two slices of Sara Lee 45 calorie bread, 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise, 1 slice of ULTRA THIN cheddar cheese (Sargento makes it), and 2 ounces of turkey. I top with tons of lettuce and cucumbers and pickles to trick myself so that I believe I’m eating a HUGE sandwich full of goodness. Total points? FIVE. Then I snack on an apple (I know, I know…what has happened to me?), a banana, or greek yogurt and blueberries/strawberries.

Treat: I treat myself to unsweetened ice tea with pellet ice. It’s kind of sad when you think too much about it. Let’s move on…quickly.

Dinner: I’ll have a couple of Miller 64 calorie beers (2 points each) or a Vodka Soda (3-4 pts). It all depends on the kind of day I had. Then I usually eat an 8 point supper. I end each night with 3 Chocolove Almond and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate squares.

That’s my weekly schedule. Then I live it up on the weekends if I need to. I’m definitely no expert, but am glad to have found what seems to be working for me. Hope there are some hints in here for you as well.

Hope everyone has a great week!