The last couple of weeks have been interesting. You know, interesting in the “sell your house, move out, pack your stuff in pods, and move in with your in-laws” kind of interesting. Though most people give me a ghastly look when I share my new living situation with them, I have to say that I really scored in the in-law department. Sure, there have been some transitions like: making our bed every morning (sorry, it’s not a normal strength of mine), resisting the temptation to get seconds of Nana’s Sunday Suppers, finding a place to walk in the neighborhood, and convincing Nana and Papa that “The Voice” finale is actually really good. Just those normal kind of “getting used to each other” stuff.

In the Weight Watchers arena, I’m pleased to say that I’m down 23 total pounds since starting the program in mid-February. Though I’ve found some successful ways to keep momentum going, I have to say that it hasn’t been easy. First, it’s kind of hard to figure out how to eat while your kitchen is packed up. I managed to stick to sandwiches during the move, but splurged every once in awhile on some cheese dip, which was fine according to the activity points I racked up for moving sofas, lifting heavy boxes, and such. Gah.


Catered lunch meetings haven’t made it easy either. What’s the easiest and cheapest thing to order? Yep, pizza. Our Food Bank crew have been working extremely hard for a variety of reasons – Annual Letter Carrier’s Food Drive and  preparing for a couple of audits. So who was the girl hanging out in the corner eating yogurt and a turkey sandwich while cheese pizza stared me in the face? Um, that would be me. Even though I’ve explained this to many of the folks I work with because I do realize how silly it looks to be snacking on blueberries instead of downing a chicken wing, I’ve figured out that staying consistent during the day helps me splurge at night. So, my typical points look like this every single day:
Breakfast: Oatmeal with butter and sliced almonds (7 pts)
Snack: Banana (o pts)
Lunch: Turkey sandwich with tons of veggies and ultra thin slice cheese and a pickle (5 pts)
Snack: Chobani 100 Calorie Yogurt with fresh fruit (2 pts)
Sometimes I skip the yogurt if I know I’m going to have a bigger dinner. I’ve found that if I stick to this plan every day, the rest of the night ends up feeling more normal. By the way, I just found these 2-pointer “Foldit” flatbread for a sandwich option. Ask any of my colleagues and they’ll tell you that I can pack that “Foldit” very, very full.


On the exercise front, let’s talk about June in Alabama shall we? The last couple of days have been muggy and hot and I’m quickly realizing that Summer is around the corner. 90+ days full of humid, oppressive heat can make walking after work a challenge. I’ve been trying to get in at least 3 miles 3 times a week and 5 miles once a week. Now I’m a tad worried as to how I’m going to adjust to the new temperature to get my activity points in (which ultimately help cancel out vodka sodas and cheese dip). I have priorities, people.

So, let’s review. The last month I’ve seen the following changes:
1) Sold my house, moved out, and moved in with my in-laws, which challenges me to find new ways to “control” my meals
2) Work increased and catered meals followed, which tempted me to pick pizza over yogurt
3) It’s getting h-o-t, which means I may have to find new exercise plan for the Summer

I’m just trying to keep it real. Maintaining, sustaining, planning, and pointing isn’t easy. You have to seriously work at it. On the plus side: I’ve lost 3 dress sizes. I’m hoping to close on a new house soon. I’ve got great support (Nana actually asks me about points to reduce the temptation at home).

Now, just wish me luck as I tackle vacation next week. That will be interesting…

Happy Memorial Day!