True Story: When Food Revival first started in that one butt kitchen I mentioned in my previous post, my husband (a great photographer) would constantly encourage me to “find better light” when taking photos of my food. I spent most of my time lifting the plate right above the sink where the light came in. It was awkward. And hard. So…tonight in my new awesome kitchen, I took a photo of the recipe I will be featuring in this post AND I DIDN’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING BUT TAKE THE PHOTO BECAUSE I HAVE AMAZING LIGHT IN THE NEW KITCHEN. It’s revolutionary. For me, at least.  Years and years and years of absolutely NO light and now I’ve found some. It’s beyond exciting. CAN’T YOU TELL I’M EXCITED? Okay, moving on.

Tonight I made a dish I found on Beef Orzo Recipe with Feta. That’s right WW people, I’m talking beef, pasta, and cheese. All for 8 points (well, for 1 1/4 cup). You can find the recipe by clicking on the title above or HERE.

Bottom line: This dish has cinnamon in it, which kind of freaked me out. Then I tasted it and decided that cinnamon was a GREAT decision. So, go forth with confidence. You won’t be sorry. I added a salad and cut down my portion to 1 cup, because, well…I don’t know.

Here are the photos.

beeforzo3 beeforzo5 beeforzo4

Seriously… did you SEE all of that light? It is so bright you can see the brown spots on my lettuce. SO EXCITING! Hope y’all have a great week!