Let’s face it: the odds and timing were not in my favor. You see, I got pregnant in late Fall, which means I have had to face the following realities:


1) I’m pregnant
2) I’m nauseated 24/7
3) The only thing that makes my nausea better includes white potatoes (fried, boiled, hashed, whatever) or crackers or salty, processed things
4) Thanksgiving happened
5) Then Christmas happened
6) All of this hits right after 8 months of Weight Watcher-ing
7) Arctic blast arrived (okay, whatever…but it really is cold in Alabama, which prevents all of the walking I could would should be doing)

It was like the perfect storm. All of a sudden I was forced to eat something constantly so that I could put one foot in front of the other and it ended being the exact ingredients I’ve sworn off for 8 months.

It’s bad. It’s so bad I’m eating pierogies on a regular basis. As a snack.

What I’m saying is you might think I’m “showing” a little early and that could definitely be the case. But it could also be those pierogies.

But forget all of that! It’s the New Year and I don’t know about y’all, but I made the same mistake I make every year. I bought the bag of black-eyed peas, made them, and realized YET AGAIN that there is no way I can eat that many black-eyed peas every single day for an entire week. How much luck do I possibly need? Don’t answer that question.

Anyway, I stumbled across this recipe: Black-Eyed Pea Sliders. I used farro instead of rice and eliminated the mayonnaise. I did, however, put mayonnaise with tabasco ON my slider, but that’s another story. I kept most of the measurements the same. Due to the guilt listed way above, I decided to bake them instead of pan-fry them and that worked out great. I also added some garlic and onion powder to the mix and topped with cheese (fontina/cheddar). I highly recommend this dish especially if you are swimming in left over black-eyed peas like me.

Here are some photos. Please note the sweet potato fries that I continue to try and they NEVER END UP CRISPY NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS. Not that it bothers me or anything.

Sliders ready for the oven:


Out of the oven!


The sweet potato fries I refuse to talk about:



Check it out!


Hope everyone is having a great week,