When you have to reset your WordPress password just so you can sign back in to your blog…well, you know you’ve been away for awhile. I guess the best way I can explain my absence is by posting this photo:


Annnnnnnd this one:


In other words, the 4-year-old and 9-month-old thing has had me running.

Oh, and this happened:


Kind of crazy to officially work at the place where Food Revival started. Many of you will remember my early posts featuring Jones Valley Teaching Farm (JVTF) produce and my CSA Challenges and all of my volunteer work. Now I get to do it full-time and it feels amazing and overwhelming and everything in between.

Obviously, it has been a big year. A busy year. I’ve chronicled almost everything on this site: My early food adventures, two rounds of gestational diabetes, different food-oriented jobs, Weight Watchers successes, and family/kid stuff and here I am in a new food phase. I mentioned on Facebook that I was embarking on a Whole30 adventure and have been asked to chronicle my experiences on my blog again. To be honest, I’ve missed writing on Food Revival and I think the encouragement I heard on Facebook was just the advice I needed to (at least) try to blog again. It has always been a creative outlet for me and consistently kept me accountable and engaged with whatever food phase I was experiencing at that particular time.

I’m not making any promises because I tend to break them more than I keep them these days. I’m learning not to apologize for that as much, but “sorry” seems to be one of the most prevalent words in my vocabulary. Working on it…

Bottom line is this Magazine Major sure has missed blogging. And I’ve missed connecting with all of you. I really hope I can stick with writing on here more often so that I can share the really exciting work I’m doing, my experiences with motherhood, and my food adventures again. Perhaps I’ll start tomorrow by celebrating my seventh day on the Whole30 plan. Trust me when I say seven days ain’t no joke.

Thanks to all of you for the encouragement, patience, love, and support you have always given me. I’m glad to be back.