Day 9, baby.

Today was a good Whole30 day. It started off with some scrambled eggs,  Jones Valley Teaching Farm mustard greens and a few strawberries. Coffee is always black these days. I’m not going to lie…I miss the cream.


Pardon the paper plate. Not the most sustainable choice, I know…

Let’s talk lunch. Do you know what means so much when you are eliminating practically everything from your diet? The moment you go to a restaurant and tell them about your dietary needs and they are like, “Okay. No problem.” This was my request today: “Can I have a lemon dressing instead of the other dressing?” “No croutons and no cheese, please.” My friends at Feast and Forest have accommodated every single request and have made eating out so easy for me. I had a delicious salad today and could actually enjoy my company rather than worry about the meal.

And then I got to sit here and have a meeting. I’m constantly running (too) fast these days and tend to forget the importance of slowing down long enough to SIT DOWN and enjoy the place I work.


Now, let’s talk dinner. Look! A Potato! A potato with a little ghee, chicken, broccoli, and some homemade sour cream (not really, but I’m pretending it was) on top. it was easy to do and so filling.


I made the “sour cream” kind of like I did the “ranch dressing” yesterday. I used the homemade mayo I made over the weekend (just look at how pretty it turned out):


I added a little vinegar, salt, and pepper to the mayo and drizzled it over the potato. It was my pretend sour cream. And it worked.

Day 9 is in the books and I haven’t given up yet. Now I’m off to eat 3 cashews and call it a night. xo