Remember yesterday’s post about getting used to snow hysteria in the South? I had a great attitude. I was glass half full. To be fair, I wrote it before the snow was supposed to hit. We were in the “wait and see mode.” That quickly moved to “disappointment mode” once we realized that we would not get the amount we had hoped to get. Then they canceled school today. All of my positive feelings have left my body. There’s no snow. There’s just cold. The kids are stir crazy. I need to work. I don’t know where the cubebot is. I don’t feel guilty about the 2-year-old’s obsession with the ABC game on the Kindle. I can’t fix one more snack. I’m d-o-n-e.

Yesterday, I made homemade chewy chocolate chip cookies. I made homemade pancakes and biscuits with sprouted wheat flour. Let me repeat this: with SPROUTED WHEAT FLOUR.  I made bacon for goodness sake. I even made some DIY kitchen cleaner with essential oils. From the outside, it looks like I have it together, but I am here to say that I absolutely do not have it together AND IF MY CHILDREN DO NOT END UP GOING TO SCHOOL TOMORROW I’M GONNA NEED Y’ALL TO COME AND GET ME.

See? Not together.

So in between looking for cubebots and fixing the kindle and playing transformers and dancing and singing songs and checking the weather radar furiously, I also made this Sweet Potato Cauliflower Curry.  Two things about this recipe: It is vegan and also delicious. Once my cauliflower gives out, I’ll move over to rice or grains.



Here’s to getting back to our routines! I’m sending light, love, support, and understanding to parents, grandparents, caretakers, teachers, and people in charge of our children. I’m grateful for you.