What incredibly brilliant and successful things have you done in 2019? You’ve had FIVE days, so your answers better be good. bwahahaha. Kidding. Promise.

I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel on day five of 2019 having re-started my goals realistically. I haven’t lost 5 lbs. I haven’t even started counting calories…yet. I’ve only walked twice and I didn’t time myself or track how far I went – I just straight up walked around the block a few times. I’m counting that as exercise because it is way more than I ever did last month (okay, months/year(s)). I just decided to start slow and that seems to give me a bit more confidence.

So let’s talk about some victories:

I carried my trusty notebook that isn’t online and that NOBODY else has access to around all week and I documented my successes, so let’s just count this as the first victory. In other words, I haven’t lost the notebook in week one and that’s kind of a miracle.

I’ve managed to do something for myself every day. Let’s start at Wednesday since I’ve already documented Monday and Tuesday.

Well, this was my first official day back at work after a long break. I managed to stick to my schedule and even spent some time with a friend later in the afternoon. I was super sick the month of December and really needed some time to heal, which the break gave me. This year (work-wise) promises to be incredibly busy, so I’m really trying to pace myself. (So all in all? I think it was a successful day).

I walked this dog.


I bought tickets to Southern Voices this year and got second row tickets to see Bryan Stevenson (no, I don’t get any special treatment from the husband even though he works there). They sold out in less than a minute, so this is definitely a success. I surprised my friend, Val, at her office and spent some time catching up. I’ve been missing her lately, so I carved out some time to hug her neck and just be with her and that was a definite success. I sat by myself and ate my favorite sandwich from the Garage for lunch. I also finished the day with my colleagues at Carrigan’s. So, very successful day.

I walked (for myself) and then I walked the dog.

I started Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson and my goal is to make it through 2 chapters this weekend.

I ordered vitamins (something that’s been on my to do list). Seriously? Is this what 41-year-old working women with two kids document as successful? Gawd.

Ordered my groceries from Shipt to save time. (See question above about 41-year-old working women). Blargh.

I finished off Skinnytaste’s Fiesta Bean Salad I featured the other day on this blog. Y’all need to try this. It’s got some garlic in it, so prep everyone after you eat it, but it is super easy and I had it over fresh spinach every day this week (well, except for that delicious garage café sandwich).


I know these aren’t like life milestones or anything, but I’m trying to stay accountable and get back to writing. I’m going to do a little more of that tomorrow as well. So, here’s to 2019. Scratch that. I don’t need that kind of pressure. Here’s to the FIFTH day of 2019. Now, that’s better. I hope you’ve had some wins this week – or even just one itty bitty win. Space and grace as we go.