Alright y’all, I’m three (maybe four?) weeks in and maintenance is working. I am convinced that it’s because of the internal work I’ve been doing alongside Optavia. I am remaining consistent and disciplined while also creating space for the unexpected, but what’s been so interesting is that I prefer to make choices that I know will make me feel better. This is a completely different mindset so I often feel like I’m on a bike with training wheels these days. I’m also realizing that this is not just a “diet phase,” but a daily choice I’m making, which is also a very different mindset than I’m not necessarily used to. For example, I used to go on diets that I would think were temporary and I’d lose the weight during that temporary time period and exercise while in that phase, but internally believe I could just “go back” once I hit my goals. I think going through COVID-19 impacted this mentality more than I even knew because I realized that “going back” might not be the answer. What does “going back” even mean if it wasn’t working in the first place? Still tying to understand ALL of that — personally AND professionally.

I’m also learning as I go. This past week was definitely one of those weeks where I could have gotten completely consumed by our Jones Valley Teaching Farm’s annual Twilight Supper. In years past, I would operate without a lot of boundaries because hosting 350 people on the downtown farm just isn’t an easy thing to do. But, this year was a completely different experience. I managed to stay true to my plan while enjoying the treats my friends brought by. I welcomed Rob McDaniel’s Angel Biscuits Friday morning and Emily Nabors-Hall’s Breakup Cookies Friday afternoon. I also normally rely on wine to get me through this event as well, but guess what? This year I preferred Harvest Root’s Kombucha instead and then quickly found myself on the dance floor.

More about the Twilight Supper a little later because it was absolutely incredible. So incredible that I still haven’t found the words. We were wrapped in love and support from so many people and we felt every single bit of it.

Now here’s a curve ball so get ready: I was listening to Nick Saban’s press conference today (I’m not sports ball person, but I always like to listen to his press conferences even though I can’t understand 3/4 of it what with all the receiver, safety, tackles, tips, running and blocking talk). Told you it was going to be a curve ball. I heard him say this: “You can’t have consistency without discipline and execution.” And so after feeling rather proud of my balancing act during such a stressful time last week, I got back in the meal prepping and planning game today. I was short on lunches a few times last week and needed more gas in my tank, honestly, so I’m taking Nick Saban’s advice and working on the discipline and execution part even when it is hard.

Lunches will be a spinach salad with orange bell peppers, feta, sunflower seeds, quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, a sprinkling of cooked center cut bacon, and vinaigrette. Got it all prepped and ready to go.

For dinner, I made Green Healthy Cooking’s Low Carb Spaghetti Squash bowls and they were delicious. Here’s the link:

Feeling grateful after a very full week!