If you read my post yesterday, you already know that I’m trying to start 2019 differently by incorporating personal goals in each day. You know, the things I want to accomplish for myself that have nothing to do with anything other than satisfying my own needs/goals/wants. This is new for me. Seems completely obvious that it shouldn’t be new, but it is.

So today I got up earlier than normal. I sat still with Mae Mae on the sofa without scrolling through my phone.

I finally finished the Ezra Klein podcast featuring Bryan Stevenson. This is an incredibly important podcast to listen to and I really hope all of you take some time to do so (thanks to my husband and Ann Laurel for sending it my way).

I cooked while listening to the podcast. How extraordinary is that? Well, minus the time when Mike walked in and had to turn off the garbage disposal that had to have been running for 15 minutes since I couldn’t hear it. But besides that (and maybe not hearing when the dog was play biting Mae or when Martin Everitt was trying to get my attention), it was awesome.

I made Collard Greens we picked at Jones Valley Teaching Farm in my Instant Pot.

I made Cheeseburger Soup without the burger part and extra potatoes, so not really Cheeseburger Soup at all but sure is tasty.

I made Fiesta Bean Salad for the week.

I made Brownies from the box.

I made Black-Eyed Peas.

I made Corn Muffins from the box.

I made boiled eggs in my Instant Pot for the week.

And I made a big breakfast to start our year off right complete with bacon, grits, toast, and eggs.

And I’m writing all of it to you on this blog, which is also a goal of mine.

I’m feeling really good about my own personal Day One. No, I’m not writing down my calories today or exercising. I’m starting simple, but I’m determined to get to all the other things eventually and am also feeling like this:


Happy New Year!