A couple of weeks ago I wrote an incredibly long post about how fascinating it was to me to be starting my new job at Jones Valley Teaching Farm. It was the very first place I started doing local food work (as a volunteer) after getting laid off from my Cooking Light marketing job with over 8 years of editorial/marketing experience. Jones Valley Teaching Farm was where I held my Blessingway on the morning of my wedding. The Farm is where I met so many amazing friends and colleagues. I kind of feel like I never left Jones Valley Teaching Farm (JVTF), honestly.

I’m two weeks in and I’m absolutely blown away. I’m not necessarily talking about my new job responsibilities (though I haven’t felt this challenged and energized in quite some time). I’m more or less talking about how focused and thoughtful the entire team is about the work they are doing in schools and our community. The focus may have shifted since I first found the Farm way back when, but the intention, spirit, and innovation is alive and well. I can’t wait for y’all to see what JVTF has in store this year. I’ll get to that in future posts.

I also just have to say THANK YOU to those of you who have followed my journey on Food Revival. Your support has meant so much and I’m incredibly grateful to have had such amazing opportunities in Birmingham, Alabama. You have cheered me on, shared my posts, and volunteered your time over the years and I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me.

I would love to tell you more and I totally will, but I thought I’d ask a few things as I close this post so I can get busy writing about recipes for the week:

1) Will you watch this video? I feel like it captures what JVTF is doing in partnership with Birmingham City Schools from a student’s point of view (our most important point of view, right?).

2. Will you sign up to receive JVTF’s newsletter? I’d love for you to receive news, blogs, and updates as we post them. Just click HERE and click on “More Info” at the very, very bottom. You can enter your email address in the middle section.

3. If you are all up in the Instagram world (I’m learning, I’m learning), you can also follow us there: @jonesvalleyteachingfarm.

Happy Sunday! Recipes coming soon…