Remember when I posted last week? I was all like, “I haven’t posted in forever,” “I don’t have hobbies,” “I need to commit and bring this stressed out season to an end.” Remember that?

Look at me! I’m on a roll. Well, kind of.

First, I would like to say that I managed to walk once this week, which is more than never. I’m celebrating more than never these days.




Oh, I also cooked last Sunday. A meatloaf. How about that? For snacks, I purchased the “Balanced Breaks” combo featured below. Thank you, Costco/Sargento for forcing me to eat this instead of chips. Small victories, people.




And here I am writing on the blog again. Oh, and I read a few articles in my Fast Company magazine. READING AND EVEN RETAINING WHAT I READ! This is big.

See? I’m trying. But, I still have some work to do. I accidentally had boiled peanuts, pizza, and chicken tenders (my husband’s fault) a few nights this week. And obviously that one walk celebrated above could not compete with THOSE dinner decisions. But, it’s a start.

Did I mention my kids started school?  Well, the one-year-old started full days at school after being with the grandparents her entire first year and the 4-year-old moved to his big boy Pre-K class. There were some good days and one particularly bad day with the little one. Thankfully, the week ended like this:




And then there were two grants that were due and preparation for Jones Valley Teaching Farm’s annual fundraiser happening on September 23rd.  There was also some weird cough I battled for two days straight, which was (and still is) annoying.

Then there were less stressful moments like seeing THIS beautiful sight:




All of these babies were taken care of by a dedicated team at Woodlawn High School Urban Farm. Five remarkable students and our incredible staff have been carefully tending to these beauties in the greenhouse at the high school. It’s the first official batch and I can tell that it is going to be an amazing year watching the WHS Urban Farm take off! I’ll talk more about this work later, but just know that work and life may be keeping me beyond busy, but then I see this photo and it all makes sense.

This is just me staying accountable by writing again and exposing my strengths and weaknesses (hello there, chicken tender. okay, fine. i also had fries). Here’s hoping for even more wins next week.

Oh, and for those of you who celebrate SEC football, congratulations on the start of the season. For those of us (me included) who enjoy the sheer joy of empty streets, restaurants and grocery stores during game times, congratulations to you too. Onward!