Folks, I decided to go into the Food Revival vault and find a recipe that is comforting and delicious. And let’s just pretend that it actually FEELS like January 12th instead of the hot, humid mess it really is. Seriously? 75 degrees in January? Excuse me while I close my eyes and travel to pretend winter weather land where Chicken and Dumplings make SO much sense.

Now, let’s get straight to the post:

I had you at dumpling, didn’t I? Yep, I thought so.

Last week, I was looking for a “get well” dish that had a casserole feel and required very little condensed of anything soups. Something from scratch. Something filling. A recipe that called for ingredients I already had on hand. No pressure, right?

I searched and searched and even had a few folks send me their favorite recipes on Twitter and I’m saving them for another post (they contained too many ingredients I didn’t have).

And then I found Smitten Kitchen’s Chicken and Dumplings recipe.

Here’s what you will need:

A few notes and suggestions before you get started:
Chicken: I used two bone-in, skin-on, chicken breasts instead of thighs. I sprinkled each breast liberally with salt and pepper and spent some additional time browning the breasts in my Le Creuset pot. I followed the rest of the directions rather closely and only removed *some* of the skin rather than all when I put the chicken back in the pot. You end up shredding it anyway and the skin has all of that seasoning, so it helped add a few extra layers of deliciousness to the entire pot.

Leeks: Didn’t have them, so I diced up a sweet onion and used that instead. See? You can totally adapt and still have a delicious dish. Take a chance, people!

Milk: Instead of using whole milk, I substituted Alabama’s Wright Dairy yogurt (it’s almost like kefir). I used it in the stew and in the dumplings. SO good.

Speaking of dumpling….



(I also omitted tarragon because…well, I just don’t like it. Shhhh)

Enough of all these notes and let’s get to the recipe already, right? Food Revivalists, I give you Smitten Kitchen’s Chicken and Dumplings recipe!