Oh, hey.

Here I am.

I’m still trying to prioritize myself these days and I’m doing better. I also finished my first week (back) on Weight Watchers. I’ve done this before and had great success and then I just straight up had a baby and decided to boycott counting anything. That baby will be 4-years-old in June, so I figured I have officially entered the “you don’t really have a baby excuse anymore.” After completing my first week, I am pleased to announce that I’ve lost 3 pounds. Sure, it could be on account of clothes, water intake, and time of day, but I am CLAIMING those 3 pounds no matter what.

First, let’s talk exercise. I’m finding that walking this cute dog every day actually makes me happy. I try to get in a 30 minute walk before work and that logs in 2 fit points each time. I managed to walk 5 out of 7 days last week.


Now let’s talk food. I wish there was some magical potion to drink that makes the food part click, but it isn’t rocket science. Calories In. Calories Out. I’m writing everything down, which means I can’t “forget” that burger I ordered instead of the salad. I can’t “forget” about that extra beer. I can’t “forget” about that random handful of the kids’ goldfish crackers I ate on the ride home. Or the chicken nuggets they didn’t finish. Or the fries they didn’t finish (I mean, who doesn’t finish fries???). I’m writing it all down and once you start writing it down you completely understand how all “this” happened.

I’m excited about some meals I made this week because they were easy to make, low in points, and filling. I thought I would post them here if you are looking for meal ideas for the week.

First up: My lightened up version of tacos inspired by my Taco Morro Loco obsession. Did my tacos taste like Taco Morro Loco? No. I mean, who are we kidding? But it did satisfy my craving for a taco and the ingredients were similar. I started with 2 corn tortillas (3 points). I added a very small amount of non-fat greek yogurt (0 pts) and sprinkled Trader Joe’s Lime Chile Seasoning on it. Then I layered with lettuce (0 pts), ground turkey cooked in taco seasoning (0 pts) and roasted peppers and onions (1 pt thanks to the olive oil).

Then I had this crazy idea to make a chickpea salad. I combined chickpeas, diced sweet potatoes, diced celery, diced carrots, and diced dill pickle. I mixed together 2 tbs of Mayo (1 pt), 2 tbs of greek yogurt (0 pts) and added celery salt, salt, and pepper. I stirred it all together and added to a pita (2 pts for half a loaf) and a cup of fresh spinach (0 pts). I was full all afternoon.


I also made some of Skinnytaste’s Buffalo Chicken (0 pts) to add to salads, pitas, etc.


For snacks, I’m focusing on homemade hummus, carrots, celery, and mini sweet peppers.

img_5723 img_5722

Has it been hard to track and limit what I’m used to eating? Yes. Does it take time to prep? Yes. Does it feel good to have some structure and order to my meals? Yes. Do I want a french fry? Yes. But, I’m doing it. Or at least trying to…

Hope you are having a great week.