Quick post tonight. My youngest kiddo battled a 103 fever all weekend. The oldest was getting over a week of the crud. I’m pretending I’m out of harm’s way and doing sinus rinses, taking Sudafed on the regular, and drinking that defense stuff. Let’s face it: Even if I had the most stellar immune system on the planet (which I do not), I don’t know how I’d avoid any of these germs when kiddos are hanging all over me, coughing in my face, and burying their snotty faces in my arms. I could rub a million pounds of essential oils on my feet and take as many probiotics my little self can stand, but I’m not sure it would compete with germs in my face. Literally in my face.

Let’s get to the food.

I had leftover taco meat and buffalo chicken from last week and decided to wrap them up in an egg roll wrapper. Brilliant decision. For the buffalo chicken egg roll, I followed Skinnytaste’s advice (4 pts for 2). For the Southwestern egg roll recipe, I followed Emily Bites (2 pts each).


My son has really gotten attached to Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pies. Listen, I snuck a taste and it is absolutely delicious. It has a thousand calories (not really, but let’s just say it is NOT on my current weight watchers plan). I found this Chicken Pot Pie soup on Skinnytaste’s website and I thought I’d try it this week. The first thing he asked was, “Is there crust, Mom?” The answer was, of course, no. Crossing fingers the fact I omitted the cooked carrots will propel me to the winning circle when all is said and done.


Wishing all of you a great week.