I’ve been spending some time in the woods lately. Surprisingly, it has been a good fit. Inspired by my friend Keecha’s facebook posts, I reached out to her to see if I could join her on her next hike. Fast forward a few weeks later and I have hiking shoes and a backpack. Hiking fits me. It fosters good conversation. It fosters focus (meaning, the only distraction is a babbling brook and how distracting is that, really?). It is the perfect exercise for me (6+ miles clocked in without even knowing it). And it fosters appreciation for your surroundings — something I’ve needed for some time now. I’m finding that life with a 1+ year old, a hectic job schedule, and all the constant dings from emails coming in on what seems like fifteen THOUSAND electronic devices, well…I think the woods is a great place to get lost these days.

I’ve also been reminded of the overwhelming clarity nature can provide. (Touche, Mr. Thoreau, Touche.)

But on this very special day and in this very special and complicated city, I am reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King’s quote from Letter from the Birmingham Jail: “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

Today I wish you a day full of love and some time in the woods.